He is coming back. Once again she is returning with guaranteed laugh. His arrival is a big channel country panicked. To combat the left channel are adopting new tactics. Kapil Sharma on April 23 at 9 pm on Sony Entertainment Television’s new avatar is entered.

The value of land is a known threat to her own entertainment channel. Kapil Sharma will launch a new show at the time to deal with it at that time, without any break, a competitive channel bets will be playing at this year’s biggest blockbuster.

It shows how the world of entertainment have reached Kapil Sharma. Kapil Sharma became Bollywood’s biggest singer he wanted to be on the country’s biggest comedians. After a Tommy’s son how the entertainment business is forced to walk on their own terms? Filled with sad smiles to millions of faces that Kapil Sharma’s life, which is all he fills the comedy King of the doldrums?
Sad smile on your world-changing world of Comedy Nights with Kapil Kppu Bittu has become a new show. Kppu his relative’s house but his kin will be the same old. Old grandmother who plays the show will be a relative of Ali Asghar Kppu Shantivan cooperative society live. Comedy Nights with Kapil charge of entertainment where the audience had to handle Bittu’s family there is now a responsibility of all of society will laugh.
Kapil’s family comedy rarely be complete without kink. Sunil Grover in the new show that has been granted the role of a doctor with two beautiful nurses will be seen raising audience laughter injection. Bittu has become man’s servant now. Chandan Prabhakar, Kapil Society’s new show will now jamming of tea. Audience eyelids blink dwelling people laugh at the show will be seen in several incarnations.
Comedy Night with Kapil’s closure of its audience, there was disappointment. After a successful show that brought into question why was suddenly stopped. Kapil is a major reason behind the closure of the show stated that began on Colors TV’s new show called Comedy Nights save.

Kapil’s show after the show’s end is shown on the same channel. That being said, on the same channel that shows the start of the second comedy angered Kapil. Kapil Sharma alleged that on the same channel, the same as the competition between the two programs has been started deliberately.

Kapil Thakon from the old show in the role of judge Navjot Singh Sidhu, who entertains everyone by turning the head of the judge’s role is now. Sony on the show before the show Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma Kapil had on Colors TV. The show had been aired 250 episodes. It became the most popular show entertainment programs. Suddenly, in the last week of January, the show closed.
Colors TV Kapil Sharma dismissed the allegations. Colors CEO Raj Naik alleged that Kapil Sharma broke the terms of the contract with the company was contracted to work for the other channels had begun. He also doubled their fees to remain in the show, which was accepted by the company, sincerity of his show after Kapil channel. The company also alleged that Kapil Sharma could not digest its popularity.

Kapil Sharma today shows on your own terms and make him leave. Sony said that the show was for Kapil Sharma Munhmagi amount. Kapil will be no limit on the fact that she and whom not to call the guest on the show, what?

Kapil Sharma to promote their film, SRK is needed. Players Kumar Bollywood hit film comedy to make the player’s needs. Or the King Khan of Bollywood, Bollywood overbearing. Everyone for their forthcoming attendance at the court to put the comedy of Kapil.