Kapil Sharma recently dawned headlines all over when he tweeted the humungous amount he pays as tax to the government. Matters received national attention when he tagged the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi when a Mumbai civic demanded a 5 Lakh bribe from Kapil.While many thanked him for bringing the corruption of the country to the upfront, several others began wondering how much the lead comedian in-fact makes on an annual basis that he has to pay a tax of Rs. 15 Crore.So let’s get the ball rolling, shall we? The lead comedian charges as much as Rs. 60 Lakh for each episode. He was also featured on the Forbes list of India’s highest paid celebs in the year 2015, which in-fact makes him the highest earner among many of the Bollywood stars.It was when Kapil moved from Colors to the Sony network that he actually received a huge pay hike. Taking home as much as Rs. 5 Crore a month, his many brand endorsements add onto his list of income.
So while this TV star pays a sum of Rs. 15 Crore as tax alone, ever wondered how much our top Bollywood stars pay as tax? Well, take a look and we’re sure you’ll be stunned at the numbers!