Baby Doll’ singer Kapoor Kapoor is all set to come up with her music video that focusses on women’s issues and gender equality. The singer, who rose to fame with a very foot tapping numbers recently, wanted to be a part of a song that dealt with women’s issues and talks about women empowerment .

Her upcoming video would be featuring women from her NGO Kalakriti and the things they are involved in, and the singer is quite excited to shoot the video.

n fact, in the recent past popular actresses likePriyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma have spoken a lot of gender equality, wage gap and other issues that women face in the industry.

Kanika is now doing her bit with this new video. The singer wanted to reach out to people about women’s issues rampant in the country, and what better than a song that talks about women empowerment. Way to go Kanika!