The groom, the date and the venue are still works in progress but actress Kangana Ranaut has locked the look for her wedding day and it’s as refreshingly honest as the outspoken star herself. The 29-year-old actress walked for Manav Gangwani’s show at India Couture Week on July 24, showcasing the designer’s latest collection Begum-e-Jannat. Asked about her own wedding plans, the Queen star said she wants to look like a ‘Christmas tree’ and wear ‘everybody’s jewellery’ – her own, her sister’s her mother’s. Amused? Well, so were designer Manav Gangwani and a group of scribes. “I want my big day to be very special. I want to look like a Christmas tree. I want to wear everything I can. I want to wear everybody’s jewellery – my mother’s, my sister’s, my own and I want to look like someone who has made an effort,” Kangana said. Kangana was mindful of the perils of potentially putting all the Ranaut baubles display. “I don’t mean to say that I want to look like a stupid person. What I mean to say is that I want to dress up. Put mehendi, put lot of jewellery because I want to look very authentic, very Indian. There is no point of choosing pastels or subtle shades. I want to look every bit an Indian bride,” she added.