Three-D technology has taken a step forward in the area of Dubai. He made just 17 days in office, is the world’s first three-D. UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid launched it. Future Foundation, the Dubai office has been made. The Office has also begun working on Tuesday. Three-D printed buildings coming up in Dubai by 2030, 25% …
– 95 million dollars was spent, was 50% lower labor cost.
– Special cement mixer was set and made in the US.
– Electricity, water, the system also made of three D technology.
– Energy Reduction feature prevents the sun’s light directly.
– A three-D printed compiled by experts and 17 people.
– 25% by 2030 Dubai will become a three-D printed buildings.
Office Intiriyl
* 20 feet height
* 120 feet length
* Its width is 40 feet
* Dubai records made