Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar’s May issue looking like a breath of fresh air. Done up in soft pinks and blues, the spread is downright gorgeous, and the accompanying interview is classic, candid J Law. From recalling the time she partied too hard with Emma Stone and Adele to her thoughtful views on feminism and body image in Hollywood, it’s totally worth a read. See the fabulous photos here, and check out Jennifer’s all-time best bikini moments!

Forum members were quick to voice their sheer dismay. Handbag Queen wasn’t even willing to accept another Jennifer cover. “It’s as if there were only five celebrities in this world. Same celebrities month after month. Zzzzzzz!” she commented.

“Whoa, this is simply shocking! You have Sorrenti, and this is what we get? A blurred, out of zoom, too closely cropped cover image? Not to mention she can photograph 100 times better than this, sigh! I have seen red carpet shots of her that would have made for a better cover!” Miss Dalloway expressed straight away.