Jayalalithaa sanctions Rs 10 lakh relief for injured woman


Chennai resident Datchyani had suffered spinal injuries while jumping off the balcony to flee from her workplace in Saudi Arabia.Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa sanctioned a relief of Rs 10 lakh on Friday to a woman who sustained spinal injuries while attempting to flee from her workplace in Saudi Arabia.
Jayalalithaa said Chennai resident Datchyani had Jayalalithaa suffered spinal injuries while jumping off the balcony “to escape the tortures at her workplace in Saudi Arabia,” and expressed concern over the matter.
Admitted to a hospital there, she was later shifted to Chennai by a NGO, Jayalalithaa said, adding she was moved to the Government Stanley Hospital here.“I was grieved after coming to know Datchayini had sustained severe spinal injuries. Considering the situation of her health and her family and considering her future, I have directed a sum of Rs 10 lakh from Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund for her,” she said in a statement.
This money will be deposited in fixed deposit which will give the victim a monthly interest of Rs 8,125, the Chief Minister said, adding she has directed the authorities to provide best medical treatment to the woman.
She had deputed her cabinet colleagues C Vijaybaskar, V Saroja and Nilofer Kafeel to meet Datchayini on her behalf and give her all necessary help.

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