Jason Kander talked about F-35s and the importance of adding another Democrat to the U.S. Senate after meeting with supporters Thursday.

Polls show Missouri Secretary of State Kander running nose to nose with Sen. Roy Blunt, the Republican incumbent, with less than a week left before Tuesday’s election.

Regarding F-35 stealth fighters, Kander served as an Army intelligence officer in Afghanistan, investigating groups and individuals suspected of corruption, espionage and drug trafficking, and of aiding Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Kander said friends returning from combat situations told him they appreciated close-air support from A-10 Thunderbolt IIs, which F-35s will replace.

When the A-10s go, including at Whiteman Air Force Base, so will millions of dollars used to support for the air frame – much of which supports Warrensburg and communities around the base.

Kander said he would like the F-35s to come to Whiteman as the A-10’s replacement. He said he supports placing military assets at Missouri bases.

Kander’s position for F-35s shows unity up and down the ballot from every major candidate in both parties, with Gov. Jay Nixon and other state leaders, and from Warrensburg City Council and other groups.

Regarding the impact his potential election could have in securing a majority for Democrats in the Senate, Kander said his priority is to serve voters equally. One form of service is to meet with Supreme Court nominees, which Blunt has not done in the case of Merrick Garland. Kander said he would meet with the nominees regardless of whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is elected president next week. “I’m going to keep doing my job no matter what,” Kander said.