TOKYO: Japan salad in a restaurant as the cake is being served, the people are really like. Special tea made from the vegetables to the people being served. Soon it’ll have to start outlets and places of salad made cake
The food stylist Moriyasu Mitsuki has made so the salad. So you can eat it during dieting. He launched the project called Vajeedeko salad which these bounteous vegetable salad made the cake. These are the vegetables, soybean flour sponge, tofu, use cream cheese. Rs 450 is the price of a cake, which comes with a special cozy dressing. Gluten-free bread is served with it and also crafted special tea made from vegetables.
Mitsuki says the science behind food works, the food is good to see all our Gyanendraian are more attracted towards it and we eat more. It is good for those who are dieting, but there have been bored eating salads everyday boring.