Radha Soami Sect head Revered Gurinder Singh Dhillon fondly addressed as Baba ji was in Jammu since Friday- 5th October 2012 at his Radha Soami Centre Jammu I situated at Najwal, near Thandi Khui which falls in Vijaypur of Distt Samba.
Sources said that morethan 2.4 lakhs devotees had visited the Satsang centre and the congregation was one of the most disciplined and well organised and managed ones where the sevadars / volunteers put in day and night services for the people therefore the entire function went on so smoothly.
On Saturday – 6th Oct 2012 Baba ji showered his darshan on the lakhs of devotees who had come from all over the State of J&K and also outside the State. Though on Saturday the revered Saint does not address the sangat but sits on the stage while the preacher delivers the sat sang.
In Jammu also the great saint followed the tradition and showered the nectar of his darshan over the lakhs of devotees vying for His one glance. After this Babaji also sat in an open car and passed through the devotees sitting in well disciplined rows.
After the darshan – Prasad was distributed amongst the disciples.
Today, on Sunday the great saint himself blessed the lakhs of disciples by showing the nectar of his spiritual discourse.
In his about 1.5 hour’s satsang in Hindi -Baba ji dwelled on the subject of Naam and Shabad. He exhorted upon his disciples to follow the spiritual path of sound and music – also call the path of Naam and shabad. He said that it this Shabad which is the creator of all mankind.
He quoted Lord Jesus Christ and said “In the beginning was the Word – the Word was with God and the Word was God.
He went on to translate this in Hindi that Word means Shabad in Hindi, therefore Shabad was with the God, and the Shabad was God.
He also explained that it this power of Naam or the Sound current and light – “Parkash and dhun” which has the power and capacity of taking the soul to its Master.
Babaji explained that one by “naam” one does not mean any attributive or descriptive names but what is meant is the sound current which comes after the concentration of all the dhayan at the eye centre.
Baba ji further gave the instance of a Mother’s relation with her child. She may call the child with several names but does that change the relationship of the mother with her child. Likewise in different times and at different parts of the world when civilization developed people started calling their God by different names.
But that did not change the relationship of a human with that One. He quoted that all regions preach that God is one, but we people have made the boundaries. It is not the Lord who made the religions we humans have made these religions.
He went ahead to explain that Shabad is called Tao, Gur ki baani, Akal katha, baang e asmani.in several religions and places and likewise by several other names meaning thereby that all religions and civilizations have the bedrock of shabad imbibed beneath them but the we people have forgotton the real purpose and the right way to reach upto Him.
Baba ji also explained the fact that it is not that we have leave our religions and start a new religion or start new customs. He said that we have to understand the true purpose of the religious and these holy places.
He said that at these places the learned men of those times or the religious people (Mahapuruks) had devoted time remembering their Lords, and after they renounced the world we people have built these religious places. He said that instead of taking inspirations from these places where these maha purukhs had indulged into Bhakti, we have carved out several superstitions and customs.
Baba ji further explained that these religious books contain the true meaning but we people are so engrossed in out day to day worldly selfish lives that we have forgotton the true and the real essence of these scriptures.
He quoted these Gurbani and the Hindu scriptures to explain that it is only Naam and Shabad which can taken the souls to higher spiritual levels and help in attainment of salvation.
Baba ji further explained that we people have become intolerant on the name of religion that we are ready to slit each other’s throat on the name of religion unmindful of the fact that the for our own made religion or religious place made by humans out of sand and bricks we slit the throat of human which is created by the Lord.
We give our man made religious building more importance than Lord made human being.
He said that all the holy men who have come from time to time to guide us and teach us have explained that Man is the Top of the Creation , since humans’ have a sense of distinguishing. Baba ji quoted rom the Bible which stated..” ye is the temple of living God” He also quoted Gurbani which stated “Harmandir eh saris hai” to explain that this body is the abode of the Master and from the eye centre we have to start our spiritual journey.
Like animals we procreate, eat, sleep but the only difference is the power to distinguish and discriminate between the right and the wrong. Therefore all wrong karmas will be added and multiplied
He also explained that all the worldly things are (koor) garbage and we are enjoying in this heap of garbage thinking it all to be ours whileas our souls are from the master’s land and have to find a way back home. This way can only be found with the practice of Bhajan and Simran said Babaji.
He exhorted that there is no pond in which one takes a dip and the bad karmas wither away like wise there is no fun asking the Guru to keep his hand on head or bless the disciple. He also explained that holding feet or clothes of the Gurus will also be of no use.
If I eat food, will your hunger quench? he questioned. Same way the Gurus are there only to help and guide us, it s we who actually have to tread on the path of spiritualism as guided by the Guru.
Babaji asked the sangat to follow the path of love and devotion and also quoted the instance of Meera bai, who was a princesses of Mewar but her Guru was from lower caste but still she was so much in love and devotion that she thanked her Guru for the “amolak” vastu i.e. Naam, when she was initiated by her Guru, therefore the path of Love, faith and respect is a prerequisite of spirituality.
Baba ji also explained the sangat to follow the path of Bhajan and simran daily and practice following the Shabad and light.
In the end Babaji said that we have to do and show it by doing, rest all He will take care, he will take care of the disciples’ “parmarth” and “swarath” both.