In the month of May in Gaya district in Bihar legislator expelled Manorama Devi has registered a case of road rage on the son. The case of two o’clock last night when a high-speed car rammed into an auto. 6 people aboard were so overpowering that auto collision 3 killed on the spot. Being told that the BMW Sikar MLA Nand Kishore Maharia and time of the accident the car was driving his son Siddhartha. Siddharth has denied the allegations and said that the driver, not the car he was driving.

“Anyone who does not drink alcohol ‘
Speaking to NDTV accused Siddharth said, “We went to eat ice cream. The rain was getting faster and we came back. The only way in which the lights were not exposed to an autorickshaw. The driver turned the car, but the train ride to his rescue, and he turned to look at the auto side. The PCR van collided with the car. ”

Siddhartha said: “I and my family of families that are willing to help in every way. We also have blood tests, and the doctors did not drink any alcohol the report is prepared. ” Siddharth is currently in police custody.