To ensure a complete ban on the consumption of liquor in Bihar, the state Assembly today passed the Excise and Prohibition Bill, 2016, which has stringent provisions, including one that makes culpable all adults of a family if any member is found drinking, possessing or selling liquor from the premises they occupy.
Other stringent changes to the law include provisions to confiscate property and impose collective penalty on a village or town. The sentence has also been extended from three months to three years and the fine from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh. The Opposition BJP dubbed it a “black law” and a “draconian” measure. The party MLAs introduced a series of amendments but all were defeated by a voice vote.
The owner of a company would also be considered an accused if the premises is used for consumption, storage or distribution of liquor.
Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said MLAs had unanimously supported a blanket ban on liquor, and total prohibition has only made the poor happier in the state.