Hrithik Roshan seems surprised at the paparazzi while Jacqueline is amusedThe Kabil actor decided to experiment with his look and sported a purple ensemble. His reaction left us confused because Jacqueline was pretty amused by it.


What’s wrong HR?Jacqueline Fernandez completes the chic look with a top knotJacqueline was recently spotted at the Mehboob studio and what caught our eyes was the blingy silver shoes. Jacky managed to pull them off perfectly and looked absolutely gorgeous.


Jacqueline Fernandez later left us stunned as she walked in wearing a green gown.The Sri Lankan beauty can pull off anything from casuals to the red carpet look with ease. We can’t help but notice how comfortable Jacky looks in this flowy dress.

Bollywood actor Dia Mirza spotted at Mehboob Studio, in Mumbai, India on November 16, 2016. (Pravin Utturkar/SOLARIS IMAGES)

Hrithik was snapped talking to Jacky as she couldn’t help but smile. Did the actor just compliment her? Or was it just something funny he said? Guess we will never know.The Kabil actor slips into a black ensemble, perhaps for the next sequence. We can only guess as of now.

Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez spotted at Mehboob Studio, in Mumbai, India on November 16, 2016.(SOLARIS IMAGES)