The horror-comedy film ‘Jackson Durai’ starring Sathyaraj and Sibraj in lead roles released on July 1. The movie directed by Dharani Dharan was one of the most awaited films down south as it saw Sathyaraj and his son Sibiraj collaborating almost after 10 years. This Tamil film also stars Bindu Madhavi and Karunakaran in key roles. This thriller film that is said to be set in the 1940s has received mixed response from fans of the lead stars and also critics.

So let’s take a look what the critics have to say about Dharani Dharan’s second directorial venture horror-comedy flick ‘Jackson Durai’:

Sify Movies: Dharani Dharan’s ideology of mixing fantasy, horror and spoof is laudable but he hasn’t got the right screenplay. Although all the actors are capable of pulling off the characters given to them, the aimless screenplay doesn’t offer big entertainment. Overall, Jackson Durai is a decent horror comedy and watchable for the Sibiraj and Sathyaraj combo.

The detailing in Jackson Durai is lovely — the un-garish visual effects, the mottled makeup, the stone gargoyles on the gates, the 100-year- old costumes, the Puccini aria that soars from a British officer’s gramophone. Jackson Durai only sounds like a horror comedy — the plot is more intricate, it wants to do more than just make you laugh, scream.

FilmiBeat: After a promising first half, which sets up the story beautifully for an exciting second half, the movie falls apart, 10 minutes into the latter half. Jackson Durai has its moments, but the whole purpose of the movie goes for a toss, thanks to its poor execution.

This is what the critics think of ‘Jackson Durai’. So are you going to watch the film for the father-son duo Sathyaraj and Sibiraj or for the horror-comedy plot? Let us know your views in the comments section below.