I am a 21-year-old woman and have been married since past one year. I fell in love with this man 6 years ago. Basically, it was long-distance relationship, he is from Jammu and I am from Jalandhar. He has done his studies from Australia and worked there for one year. After marriage, he never ‎went back and is currently sitting at home doing nothing.
After 3 months of our marriage, I saw his phone in which he was talking to some random guys and had also shared his pictures.
When I confronted him, he confessed and said that he will never do it again. However, immediately, after 10 days he started doing all this again. We both had a fight, and now the problem is that he loves me a lot and I love him too but I am not sure if I should accept a bisexual man in my life. Please guide me whether I should leave or stay with him.
Answer by Dr Samir Parikh: It’s important to talk to him and discuss with him your thoughts and feelings, and share with him what you feel about his talking to others and sharing pictures. It’s not about his orientation, it’s about the transparency and commitment the two of you have with each other. You both need to develop a healthy communication pattern and be honest with each other in your commitment. Counseling would help both of you as a couple.
– Dr. Samir Parikh is a Consultant Psychiatrist with Fortis Healthcare
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