Israeli president Reuven Rivlin on Wednesday visited the Taj Mahal and a water treatment plant here, which has been built with Israeli collaboration. Praising the Indian government, Rivlin said more such collaborations would be made to strengthen ties between the two countries.

“With admiration dance me to the end of love,” Rivlin wrote in the Taj visitor’s book after spending more than an hour in the monument premises. He was accompanied by his wife, Nechama Rivlin.  Rivlin arrived at the monument around 11.30 am and stayed there for more than an hour. According to the protocol, the monument was closed for general public during the visit.

ASI senior conservation assistant and in-charge of Taj Mahal, Munnazar Ali, said, “The Israeli president was mesmerized by the beauty of the monument and showed keen interest on its architecture and the inscriptions on it.”
Following the Taj, Rivlin visited the Agra Water Works Treatment Plant at Sikandra, which has been built using the Israeli technology. He surprised everyone when he sipped water from a glass filled with the treated water at the plant.
Rivlin said, “The plant is a manifestation of the bonds of friendship and collaboration between the two countries. We hope this cooperation and partnership is not just limited between the countries but extends to the citizens of Israel and India.” This facility is active since 2014 and is the largest in India and among the biggest in the world. Rivlin is here on the invitation of President Pranab Mukherjee.