Soldiers from around the world have often made their countrymen proud. Right from battling into the wee hours of the day to endangering their own lives to protect that of fellow citizens, these soldiers have given much more than can be imagined. But what happens when a soldier gathers more attention not for their fighting skills, but for their beauty instead?
Meet Israel’s famous model Maria Domark. Just like the many other models out there, Maria no doubt is an elegant plethora of beauty. But what makes her even more special isn’t her modelling career, but her desire to serve the country.
Just like every other man and woman from Israel, Maria wished to serve in the army as well. Considering female citizens are liable for military service in her country, Maria opted to not shy away her from her duty and became an able member of Israel’s military troop.
Having served her country for years without fail, Maria Domark has set a brilliant example for the world to witness. Showcasing how beauty can fearlessly face the world, this 20-year-old diva has become quite the sensation on Instagram.
So while Maria continues to stun her enemies in the battle field with her courage and hard training, you can go ahead and take a look at the stunner; the highly trained soldier of the Israeli Army!
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