The Islamabad Police claimed to have arrested 11 outlaws and recovered hashish, wine and weapons from their possession. He said that, the Bani Gala police arrested Nasir and recovered a 30-bore pistol along with ammunition from him.

The same police also arrested Inam and recovered fake currency worth Rs1,000 from him.

The Secretariat police arrested Rab Nawaz and recovered 170 grams of hashish from him.

The Karachi Company police arrested three suspected bootleggers, Adeel Amir, Adnan and Akash Sani and recovered 10 litres of wine from their possession.

The Koral police arrested Ali for decanting gas in cylinders illegally.

The Lohi Bher police recovered a 9mm pistol from Jamshed Mushtaq. The women police arrested Sonia Bibi on theft charges.

The Tarnol police arrested two proclaimed offenders, Arshad and Ismail.