After five overs: Mumbai 45 for 1.

Sunil Narine into the attack. Rayudu takes a single. Rohit sweeps hard and it is boundary. He is changing gears now, using the fielding restrictions in the powerplay. Intelligent cricket from Rohit, takes a single. Another single from Rayudu. Eight runs from this over.

After four overs: Mumbai 37 for 1.

Umesh Yadav continues. Excellent two balls from Umesh, Rohit playing quite now. A great shot and Rohit smashes it through point for a boundary. An excellent shot from Rohit Sharma. Another excellent shot from Rohit and it is another boundary. Classy indeed!!! It is classy Rohit. Rohit takes a single. Pressure, pressure, pressure on Umesh Yadav. a wide ball. Rayudu takes a single. Eleven from this over.

After three overs: Mumbai 26 for 1.

Shakib al-Hasan into the attack. appeal for LBW, umpire says no. Good ball to start with. Rayudu tries to break the shackles but could find only fielders. A smashing hit and it is boundary over bowler’s head. A beautiful shot. Wow!! What a smashing hit and it is six. Ambati Rayudu is changing gears after two dot balls.

After two overs: Mumbai 16 for 1.

Umesh Yadav into the attack. Umesh strikes first ball removing Parthiv Patel. Mumbai 8 for 1. Rayudu is the new man. Opens his account with a boundary. He is also in-form playing a match-winning knock against Kings XI Punjab. Wide delivery. Rohit takes a single. Excellent delivery from Umesh Yadav.

After one over: Mumbai 8 for no loss

Umpires, players and Mumbai Indians openers are out in the middle. Jaydev Unadkat to open the bowling. Excellent delivery to start with. What a way to get off the mark. Glorious shot from Rohit, just smashes the ball over mid-wicket for a huge six. It went to the second tier into the crowd. Rohit runs the ball to third man and runs a single. Parthiv Patel, who played a brilliant knock in the previous game, on strike. Another single. It is 100th IPL matches for Parthiv Patel and Kieron Pollard.

Mumbai Indians has to start well. All depends on their captain Rohit Sharma to get them going. Rohit Sharma is the man for Mumbai Indians today, With people like Ambati Rayudu, Kieron Pollard to follow Rohit Sharma and Parthiv Patel, Mumbai Indians can make a match of this? For this to happen, Rohit and Parthiv have to give a rollicking start to put pressure on the Kolkata Knight Riders bowlers.

Gambhir and Uthappa made a rollicking start for Kolkata Knight Riders. But after the dismissal of Gambhir, Mumbai Indians pulled things back and restricted Kolkata Knight Riders. It is surely 20 run short for Kolkata. It will be a good run-chase. Let us wait and watch.

After 20 overs: Kolkata 174 for 5

One over to go. Bumrah to bowl the last over. Lynn smashes it and the ball sails it but an excellent stop by Hardik Pandya and it saved four runs for Mumbai. Excellent effort from Pandya. Lynn takes two quick runs, excellent running between the wickets. Well-bowled and Lynn takes another two runs. Six runs from three balls. Well-bowled Bumrah, wild swish and miss. Lynn takes a single and Pathan to face the final delivery.

After 19 overs: Kolkata 166 for 5

Two overs, 30 runs from here will take Kolkata past 180. Can they do it? With Pathan and Lynn at the crease, everything is possible. McClenaghan into the attack. Pathan takes a single and bring Lynn on strike. Excellent bowling from the purple cap holder. Lynn smashes and it went straight to the fielder Southee, he drops a sitter. Wow!! what a miss from Southee. Pathan smashes straight to Southee, another miss and the ball goes past him for boundary. It is two misses from two balls, the fielder is Southee. Exciting over from McClenaghan. A wild swish and miss. Now this ball races to the mid-wicket boundary and it is another four.

After 18 overs: Kolkata 156 for 5

Three overs go. Southee continues, Russell on strike, takes two quick runs. Southee knocks off Russell. Kolkata 145 for 5. Excellent delivery from Southee, a yorker and knocks the leg-stump of Russell. A crucial wicket for Mumbai Indians. Yusuf Pathan is the new man. Pathan smashes the ball through covers for boundary and off the mark. A powerful smash and it is another boundary. Wow!! what a shot and what a way to start. A smashing hit and the ball lands safely and one run. Pathan is moving on. Lynn takes two quick runs.

After 17 overs: Kolkata 143 for 4

Four overs to go, Can Kolkata reach 180? Bumrah continues, Russell smashes it for boundary. Pressure straightaway on the bowler. Russell smashes straight past the bowler and it is another boundary. A smashing hit from Russell. Excellent yorker from Bumrah. Again a wide delivery, Russell slashes the ball and it is another boundary. A good so far for Kolkata. Russell is changing gears. Russell takes a single and brings Lynn on strike. Good slower one to end the over.

After 16 overs: Kolkata 130 for 4.

Five overs to go, Southee into the attack. Yadav takes a single. Russell tries to heave it but only for two runs. A good bouncer from Southee. Russell has to change gears. Russell whips and excellent fielding from McClenaghan, only a single. Excellent piece of work from both the bowler and fielder. Southee strikes removing Yadav and Kolkata 130 for 4. It is strategic time-out. Good work from the Mumbai bowlers pulling things for their team. Chris Lynn is the new man. A good bouncer.

After 15 overs: Kolkata 126 for 3

Six overs to go. Bumrah into the attack. Excellent fielding at third man and only a single. A good slower one and Yadav takes a single. Russell smashes it and takes two runs. Thick edge and the ball lands safely and Buttler does a neat job at the deep. Good delivery to end.

After 14 overs: Kolkata 122 for 3.

With seven overs to go, what will be score for Kolkata? 10 runs per over will take them past 180. McClenaghan into the attack. Yadav takes single and brings Gambhir on strike. bangs in short and Gambhir pulls it over fine-leg for a boundary. Appeal for run-out. He is in. Gambhir is safe.McClenaghan strikes with a crucial wicket of Gambhir. Pollard takes a safe catch. Kolkata 121 for 3. Andre Russell is the new man. Russell is off the mark.

After 13 overs: Kolkata 116 for 2

Krunal continues. Yadav takes a single. Gambhir smashes the ball over long-on and it is six for the KKR captain. Gambhir should stay till the end. Another beautiful shot and it is another boundary and it is 50 for Gambhir. He is showing class in this innings, batting brilliantly. Gambhir takes a single, brings Yadav on strike. Yadav takes a single. Good over for Kolkata,

After 12 overs: Kolkata 101 for 2

Harbhajan continues. Gambhir smashes but only for a single. Harbhajan Singh is showing his expertise in this match. He is bowling brilliantly. He is bowling his last over, full toss, Yadav smashes the ball for a boundary and it is 100 for Kolkata.

After 11 overs: Kolkata 93 for 2

Krunal Pandya into the attack. Yadav takes a single. Good over so far from this youngster. Mumbai has to break this partnership. Gambhir lifts the ball over mid-wicket for two runs.

After 10 overs: Kolkata 87 for 2

Harbhajan continues. After a brisky start from Kolkata, Mumbai strikes two quick wickets and pull the things back. Suryakumar Yadav sweeps the ball over fine-leg for boundary.

After nine overs: Kolkata 79 for 2

Shakib was doing well until he was caught out by Parthiv. There was a boundary a ball before that. The score stands at 77 for 2. Suryakumar Yadav is the new man.

After eight overs: Kolkata 71 for 1

Harbhajan continues. Harbhajan strikes a wicket removing Uthappa. Kolkata 69 for 1.Shakib al-Hasan is the new man.

After seven overs: Kolkata 67 for no loss

Hardik Pandya into the attack. Gambhir takes a single. eight runs from this over.

After six overs: Kolkata 59 for no loss. It is strategic time-out

Harbhajan Singh into the attack. Gambhir tries to lift and the ball fell short of Pollard.Last over of the powerplay. Uthappa smashes the ball over mid-wicket for another six. Wow!! what a shot. It is 50 for Kolkata. Uthappa takes a quick single. Gambhir smashes through covers and takes two runs. Quick single to end the over.

After five overs: Kolkata 48 for no loss

Bumrah into the attack. Uthappa slams the ball over the bowler for the first six of the match. Uthappa takes two runs.

After four overs: Kolkata 38 for no loss

McClenaghan continues. Gambhir and Uthappa takes singles off the first two balls. Uthappa pulls the ball for another two runs.

After three overs: Kolkata 32 for no loss

Southee’s first ball was driven ferociously by Gambhir for a boundary. Will that be a costly miss? Gambhir takes a single. Excellent shot from Uthappa and it is another boundary. These two players are starting to change gears in the powerplay overs. Uthappa pulls the ball for another three. Good running between the wickets. Gambhir smashes through square-leg for another boundary. Wow!! what a start from these two.

After two overs: Kolkata 15 for no loss

McCleneghan, the purple cap holder, to share the new ball. Gambhir slams the ball through covers for the first boundary for Kolkata. Another excellent shot, only a single. Uthappa pushes the ball through the cover and it is three runs. Good running between the wickets. Just falls short of Pollard at slips, beautiful delivery from McCleneghan. Gambhir lofts the ball over point and takes two runs. Gambhir wants to break the shackles now. Gambhir tries to lift and what a miss from McCleneghan. Will it be costly miss? An easy catch dropped and Gambhir escapes.

After one over: Kolkata 4 for no loss

Tim Southee to open the bowling for Mumbai Indians. Robin Uthappa on strike, Uthappa is off the mark straightaway. First run on the board for Kolkata. Excellent swinging delivery from Southee. Wild swish and miss and goes through to the keeper. Gambhir is off the mark now. Beautiful shot, two quick runs.

Umpires are out in the middle and the Mumbai Indians players are in a huddle. KKR openers are out in the middle. An interesting match on the cards??

Can Mumbai Indians stop Gambhir from scoring runs as Rising Pune Supergiants did? Rising Pune Supergiants did manage to take Robin Uthappa and Gautam Gambhir early but could not win the match as Suryakumar Yadav played a brilliant knock.

The final XI

Mumbai Indians

Rohit Sharma (captain), Parthiv Patel, Ambati Rayudu, Jose Buttler, Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, Harbhajan Singh, Jasprit Bumrah, Tim Southee, Mitchel McClenaghan

Kolkata Knight Riders

Robin Uthappa†, Gautam Gambhir (captain), Suryakumar Yadav, Chris Lynn, Shakib Al Hasan, Yusuf Pathan, Andre Russell, R Sathish, Umesh Yadav, Sunil Narine, Jaydev Unadkat

Mumbai Indians win the toss and choose to bowl.

Mumbai Indians Squad

RG Sharma*, CJ Anderson, JJ Bumrah, JC Buttler, UBT Chand, M de Lange, S Gopal, MJ Guptill, Harbhajan Singh, K Kamath, SD Lad, MJ McClenaghan, HH Pandya, KH Pandya, PA Patel, KA Pollard, DS Punia, N Rana, AT Rayudu, JM Sharma, NB Singh, TG Southee, J Suchith, JE Taylor, R Vinay Kumar, AA Wakhare

Kolkata Knight Riders Squad

G Gambhir*, PP Chawla, GB Hogg, JO Holder, SP Jackson, Kuldeep Yadav, CA Lynn, Manan Sharma, M Morkel, C Munro, SP Narine, MK Pandey, YK Pathan, AS Rajpoot, AD Russell, R Sathish, Shakib Al Hasan, JD Unadkat, RV Uthappa, SA Yadav, UT Yadav