21:08 hrs: Slower one by Mitchell Johnson but same result. Played towards the on side region now.

21:06 hrs: Lovely timing once again by Parthiv Patel. Driven sweetly into the covers region for a boundary.

21:00 hrs: Parthiv ends the 13th over with two boundaries. MI are 114/1.

20:57 hrs: FIFTY FOR PARTHIV! 50 runs from 41 balls with six fours and one six

20:55 hrs: FIFTY FOR RAYUDU! 50 from 31 balls with four fours and two sixes

20:52 hrs: SIX! Parthiv stays in his crease and plays a lavish stroke to clear the boundary for a big one!

20:48 hrs: And he’s made the most of that but with luck on his side. Tries to play it strongly but can only get a bottom edge and it goes for a four.

20:47 hrs: NOT OUT! Touch-and-go call on Parthiv Patel. His foot is marginally inside the crease even as he walked off.

20:43 hrs: DROP! Rayudu skies it and Axar Patel is underneath it. But lets it slip off his hands!

20:42 hrs: Pardeep Sahu comes into the attack. Third ball is outside off and enough room for Rayudu to relax his arms to slash it for a four!

20:36 hrs: SIX! Rayudu comes down the track to Maxwell and clears the long on boundary

20:30 hrs: Outside off by Mohit Sharma and Parthiv Patel steers it nicely behind for a four.

20:29 hrs: Mumbai Indians are 39/1 after six overs.

20:28 hrs: Eventful over by Johnson. Three fours, wicket from a no-ball and then the free hit. 14 runs from it

20:24 hrs: NO BALL! Parthiv hits it straight to Patel on the boundary and is taken. Umpires check and no ball!

20:21 hrs: This time Rayudu goes after Mitchell Johnson. On the front foot, he goes over the in field to find the ropes.

20:19 hrs: Ambati Rayudu clears the in-field to find a boundary off a short ball. Nicely controlled shot.

20:17 hrs: Parthiv Patel pulls into short midwicket region where Vijay is stationed. Bounces just in front of him. KXIP almost got another one!

20:05 hrs: Next ball, same result but played behind this time around off the pads. Nice usage of the wrists by Parthiv.

20:05 hrs: Nicely punched through the covers by Parthiv Patel for first four of the match to Mitchell Johnson

20:00 hrs: GONE! Second ball of the innings and Rohit Sharma tries to slash it but his bat comes down late. Edges it behind to Naik. Mumbai Indians are 0/1

20:00 hrs: Rohit Sharma and Parthiv Patel to open the innings once again. Sandeep Sharma has the ball.

19:30 hrs: No changes for Mumbai Indians. Two changes for KXIP: Mitchell Johnson and Pardeep Sahu come in

19:30 hrs: TOSS: Kings XI Punjab have won the toss and they’re bowling first.

19:15 hrs: We’re 15 minutes away from the toss