After a brilliant innings from Dwayne Smith and Brendon McCullum for Gujarat Lions, Zaheer Khan marshalled his bowlers very well to take crucial wickets. Delhi Daredevils bowlers brought back the game to their hand by restricting Gujarat Lions for 172 for 6. In the first 10 overs, Gujarat Lions has scored over 100. Brilliant comeback from Delhi Daredevils bowlers.

Last over, Morris continues, Faulkner takes a single. Bravo on strike, Excellent ball, only for a single. Morris is proving to be hot for Gujarat Lions. Faulkner tries to innovate a shot but only a single. Bravo tries to smash the ball, only a single. Good over so far from Morris. Faulkner smashes the ball over mid-wicket for a boundary. Only two runs off the last ball. Gujarat Lions finishes with 172 for 6.

After 19 overs: Gujarat 162 for 6

Two overs to go, 25 odd runs will take Gujarat Lions near the 180 mark. Zaheer into the attack. Bravo is on strike, takes two runs. Another single. Zaheer, who was expensive in the first three overs, is putting all his experience in play in his final over. Faulkner takes two runs. Two quick runs taken. Eight runs from this over.

After 18 overs: Gujarat 154 for 6

Three overs to go. Morris into the attack. Faulkner strikes the ball and a brilliant piece of fielding and it is only two. Faulkner takes a single and Bravo on strike. A Wide. Bravo opens his account and it is a single. Only singles and twos and no boundaries in sight during the end of the Gujarat Lions innings. It is 150 for Gujarat Lions. What a way to end the over, Faulkner hits a boundary.

After 17 overs: Gujarat 143 for 6

Four overs to go, Tahir into the attack. Kishan takes a single. Karthik on strike. Karthik smashes the ball over the bowler’s head for a six. A beautiful shot. Karthik takes a single. Kishan tries to lift the ball and is out. Duminy is the catcher. Tahir strikes. Gujarat 142 for 5. Wickets are falling after the first 10 overs. Delhi Daredevils bowlers have brought the game right back. Tahir on hat-trick. Bravo and Faulkner are the new men in.

After 16 overs: Gujarat 134 for 4

Five overs to, 50 runs from here will take Gujarat to 180+. Nadeem into the attack. Karthik has to stay till the end. Zaheer is marshalling his resources quite well. No boundaries and only singles. Two runs from this over.

After 15 overs: Gujarat 132 for 4

Duminy into the attack. Jadeja whips the ball for a single. Duminy strikes, Jadeja is out. Gujarat 130 for 4. What a brilliant piece of bowling changes from Zaheer. 18 runs and four wickets. Wow!! What a comeback from Delhi bowlers. Ishan Kishan is the new man. Good ball from Duminy. Kishan off the mark. Karthik takes another single.

After 14 overs: Gujarat 128 for 3.

After an explosive start from Gujarat Lions openers, Delhi Daredevils bowlers bowled brilliantly and strangled the run-rate and took three quick wickets. Amit Mishra into the atttack. Two runs in two balls. Excellent bowling from Delhi bowlers particularly Chris Morris. Dinesh Karthik smashes the next ball for a boundary, much-needed one for Gujarat Lions after a brief lull.

After 13 overs: Gujarat 120 for 3

Ravindra Jadeja is the new man. Imran Tahir continues. Karthik and Jadeja now have to play some brilliant cricket to give Gujarat Lions a huge total. Runs are coming in singles.

After 12 overs: Gujarat 117 for 3.

Morris into the attack. Raina takes a single off the first ball. Excellent slow full-toss and McCullum is bowled. Delhi strikes once again. Gujarat 116 for 2. Delhi strikes two in two overs. Delhi Daredevils are slowly bringing the game back. Dinesh Karthik is the new man. Karthik is the off mark straightaway. Play resumes after a short break. Beautiful comeback from Delhi Daredevils by removing both the openers. Wow another wicket by Morris. Suresh Raina is out. Gujarat 117 for 3. Terrific over from Morris, two wickets and just two runs.

After 11 overs: Gujarat 115 for 1

Tahir continues. McCullum lofts and a misunderstanding from fielders and it is another costly miss from Delhi. Imran strikes, removes Dwayne Smith and first wicket for Delhi. Gujarat 112 for 1.Suresh Raina is the new man. Takes a single and off the mark. Beautiful placerment from McCullum and two runs.

After 10 overs: Gujarat 110 for no loss

From here Gujarat Lions can finish with a huge score. McCullum takes a single and bring Smith on strike. Amit Mishra’s second ball was taken for a single by Smith. Fastest team hundred in this IPL. Smith smashes and it is maximum. What a way to complete his fifty. Smith and McCullum are toying with the Delhi bowlers now.

After nine overs: Gujarat 100 for no loss

Imran Tahir into the attack, McCullum completes his fifty. What a knock for Gujarat Lions. Smith is not so far away. Smith takes a single. Tahir is bowling to the wickets so only singles so far in this over. Smith takes a single. McCullum reverse-sweeps and it is another boundary. What a way to treat a world-class leg-spinner, sheer ruthless. It is 100 for Gujarat.

After eight overs: Gujarat 91 for no loss.

Amit Mishra into the attack. McCullum smahes straight down the ground for another boundary. Lovely shot. McCullum sweeps over mid-wicket for another boundary. McCullum is dealing in boundaries. McCullum takes a single.

After seven overs: Gujarat 82 for no loss

Nadeem into the attack. McCullum smashes the ball over mid-wicket between the two fielders and the ball races to the boundary. McCullum cuts and another misfield yields another boundary for Gujarat Lions. McCullum and Smith are pairing together now. Smith takes a single. 10 runs from this over.

After six overs: Gujarat 71 for no loss

Smith and McCullum are looking dangerous now. Delhi has to remove both these players to have a hand on this match. Zaheer continues. Smith tries to loft get edge and the ball lands safely. Good ball from Zaheer. In two overs, he has been thrashed for 32 runs. Smith smashes the ball and it races to the boundary in a flash. What a shot!! Already six fours and five sixes till now. A good bouncer from Zaheer. Smith takes two. Excellent yorker and Smith negotiates it for a single. McCullum on strike,

After five overs: Gujarat 63 for no loss

Chris Morris into the attack. Wild swish and miss from McCullum. Excellent bowling from Morris, he has bowled two excellent balls to the explosive McCullum. Now McCullum connects and it is a huge six over the bowler’s head. Wow!! What a lovely shot. Another lofted shot but this time only for two runs. McCullum and Smith are on the move and Gujarat are in for a huge total, if they continue to bat like this. McCullum smashes the last ball for another boundary.

After four overs: Gujarat 51 for no loss

Nadeem continues, McCullum on strike, plays the first ball defensively. He takes a single and brings Smith on strike. Smith smashes the ball over mid-wicket for another maximum. Oh God!! What an explosive start from these two dangerous batsmen in the world!! Big appeal and it is an edge. It is fifty for Gujarat Lions. Fastest fifty in the IPL 2016.

After three overs: Gujarat 42 for no loss

Zaheer Khan continues, Smith takes a single off the first ball. Sanju Samson drops a sitter, McCullum smashes the ball and it went through his hands and it is another six. Good comeback deliveries from Zaheer. McCullum smashes the next ball for another six. The batsmen are dealing in fours and sixes. 14 from this over.

After two overs: Gujarat 28 for no loss

The umpires, players and the openers are out in the middle.

Delhi Daredevils have won the toss and will bowl first.

Raina fears dew will play a part, and they will need to put up a good total up front.

Aaron Finch and Shadab Jakati are out and will be replaced by James Faulkner and Ishan Kishan.

For Delhi Daredevils, Shahbaz Nadeem and Rishabh Pant will replace Mohammad Shami and Shreyas Iyer.

Delhi Daredevils Squad

Z Khan*, M Agarwal, K Ahmed, S Billings, C Brathwaite, N Coulter-Nile, Q de Kock, JP Duminy, A Herwadkar, I Tahir, S Iyer, M Lomror, C Milind, A Mishra, M Shami, C Morris, S Nadeem, K Nair, P Negi, R Pant, P Singh, S Samson, P Suyal, J Yadav

Gujarat Lions Squad

S Raina*, S Ladda, A Nath, A Mishra, D Bravo, P Dogra, E Dwivedi, J Faulkner, A Finch, I Kishan, R Jadeja, S Jakati, D Karthik, S Kaushik, D Kulkarni, P Kumar, B McCullum, P Sangwan, J Shah, U Sharma, D Smith, D Steyn, P Tambe, A Tye