Apple iPhone 7’s launch is just a couple of weeks away, and rumours have already claimed to reveal most of the features of the upcoming devices. Now notable journalist Mark Gurman, who has accurately predicted Apple iPhone, MacBook, iPad rumours in the past for 9to5Mac, confirmed in a new report for Bloomberg the iPhone 7 series will have a dual-rear camera, a home button with taptic feedback (similar to what Apple Watch has). And yes, the 2016 series will mark the end of the headphone jack.

The death of the 3.5 headphone jack is what many earlier leaks and rumours have been claiming, but what is interesting is Gurman, says Apple will go for Bluetooth supported headphones and introduce dual speakers at the bottom. Recently, we’ve seen leaks coming out of China of Earpods with a Lightning connector at the bottom. The dual speaker bit was also claimed by earlier leaks of alleged iPhone 7 cases.

But what is also interesting in Gurman’s report is that it doesn’t use the word iPhone 7, and instead sticks with the phrase new iPhone. No we don’t know whether this is deliberate, but reports are claiming iPhone 7 won’t be the name for this year’s devices. Instead iPhone 6SE or iPhone 2016 are the options that Apple could be considering. Apple’s iPhone turns 10 in 2017, and Cupertino might be reserving the iPhone 7 title for the anniversary year.

According to Gurman’s report, the dual-rear camera set up won’t appear on smaller version of iPhones, possibly the 4.7-inch version. His report says the dual cameras will take pictures simultaneously in different colour set-up, and this will result in a brighter set of photos, especially in low-light. Apple won’t be the first company to introduce a dual-rear camera on a phone. The recently launched Huawei P9 has a dual rear camera, one of which shoots only in mono-chrome and the other in colour; the final picture is a combination of these two, and according to Huawei it results in a better and brighter picture.

In case of the iPhone 6s Plus, the camera was outdone by rival Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge, which offered a much better low-light performance. With the new iPhones, Apple could well regain the title of the world’s best smartphone camera.

But where an overhaul of the iPhone design goes, the new series might seem more like a ‘S’ upgrade, and this has been indicated by several reports, including analyst notes to investors. According to reports, a new glass design body, and a bigger OLED display will be introduced with the iPhone 8, and for now Apple will stick with the design of the iPhone 6s, though the new phones won’t have the antenna lines that run across the top and bottom of the current phone’s back.A WSJ report had also hinted the new iPhones will be water-resistant and will start at 32GB base model instead of the 16GB.  Leaks also indicate a blue colour version of the iPhone could be introduced this year.Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone in the first week of September, and it could be in stores by September 16. We’ll have to wait and see which of these rumours come true on launch day.