There are several types of pregnancy test kits in the market that have different types of indicators of pregnancy. A faint line on the pregnancy test device may either suggest that you are pregnant or that you took too long to read the result of the test.

It is sometimes harder to get accurate results than what it looks and sounds like. For instance, the faint line on the test device may cause you to believe that you are pregnant. On the other hand, a negative result may not necessarily suggest that you are not pregnant. You can only interpret the results correctly if you read the instructions on the packet of the test kit properly before performing the test.

Step 1

As has been mentioned before, follow the test as per the directions given by the manufacturer. If you don’t follow the instructions as given on the pack, you may not get valid results. One common mistake that some women make is not exposing the test device in the urine stream for long enough.

Step 2

Wait for as long as the manual asks you to before arriving at any conclusion. Typically, the result comes out within two to five minutes.

Step 3
Watch out for the control line. Most pregnancy test kits have a control line of some sort that signals whether the test is being correctly performed or not. The line may in some test kits be in the main reading area of the test kit or in a separate control window.

Step 4
Compare the test results to a picture on the package. The package would have instructions on how to interpret the results properly. In some types of the test, a single line implies ‘not pregnant’ and a double line implies “pregnant”. The digital home pregnancy test kits display the result as “pregnant” and “not pregnant”. A faint line on the test device may mean that you are pregnant, especially if it appears within 10 minutes. If a faint line comes on the test kit after ten minutes, it is an evaporation line and does not imply that you are pregnant.

Step 5
Retake the pregnancy test a few days after the first test if you see a negative result. The negative result may be because of inadequate amount of HCG in the urine, which may be because you undertook the test way too early.