A stunning air hostess has revealed her jaw dropping muscles under her work uniform – but she insists passengers rarely notice them.Ayme Oliveira, 32, from Chelmsford, Essex, is an international air hostess and body builder – and despite disguising her sculpted figure while at work, she competes in weight lifting championships on her days off.


The mother-of-one trains in the gym every day for two and half hours and eats up to five meals per day when flying.She claims passengers on the aircraft are often clueless about her passion for weightlifting until she exposes her biceps when doing the safety demo or placing luggage above seats.


Ayme maintains her incredible physique all year round so she can enter competitions whenever she’s in the country.She’s now sharing her body building success of the past 12 months to promote the health benefits for both the mind and body.Ayme said: ‘When I’m working as an air hostess I eat up to five meals while on the flight.’No one knows I’m a body builder unless they witness the amount I’m eating or if I do the safety demo.’If I’m in the middle of the aisle those around me can see my biceps and will ask if I weight train.


‘I love telling people about my side hobby, I don’t do it because I enjoy the attention of being on stage, I just enjoy pushing myself to new limits and working towards new physical goals.

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‘I think a lot of people assume air hostesses are all girly girls and although I enjoy having my hair and nails done, it’s great getting stuck into something challenging.’Ayme has competed in many competitions but most recently she took part in Pure Elite – whereby she needed to get her body into the best shape of her life.