A lavish apartment in Dubai, a Swiss-style modern chalet in Switzerland, and a lakeside Penthouse in Wolleru—the simple life of Roger Federer is not so
simple after all. The Swiss Tennis ace’s love affair with luxurious homes is as strong as his love for the sport.
Federer is celebrating his 35th birthday (yes, yes we know it’s hard to believe he is 35). As much as we love to see him on the tennis court, we love titbits
about his personal life. Federer’s three-storied glass mansion in Switzerland is something that can make you super-envious of the tennis star.
Called ‘The Residence’, the house has floor to ceiling windows, a swimming pool and large balconies that give exotic views of the Geneva Lake. Federer
has been living in this paradise since 2014 with his wife Mirka and his four kids. Two luxury apartments are built next to the main house for Federer’s
In the next slides we take you on a visual tour of this amazing glass mansion that is worth Rs. 57 crore.
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