Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty‘s husband Raj Kundra has to look at the cricket when he joined the lifetime ban. Committee created by the Supreme Court . At the same time, his team Rajasthan Royals out of IPL has been for two years. Born in a middle-class family tell the British Raj count in the world today is a successful businessman. It is said that the secret of the 18-year-old had stepped into the world of business. Today they are trading, construction, real estate, energy, steel, Shares, media, sports and some 10 companies owned or associated with a gold trading account for. The secret in 2004, a British magazine’s list of 198 richest Asian British was ranked.

Raj and Raj Mahal

Well, Raj Kundra several bungalows in the country and abroad, but the UK-based Raj Mahal has always been the center of attraction. It is said that in 2006, the house he had bought for his first wife poem, but they divorced. Premarital Shilpa Shetty worked on the interior of the bungalow. Shilpa and Raj married in 2009, became the queen of the palace. In 2013, the house costs about Rs 100 crore and Rs 125 crore in date (estimated) is.

Located in London’s St George’s Hill named Raj Mahal This bungalow has two entrance. Also a large hall, two reception rooms, seven living room, swimming pool, a large-size car garage, three balconies and a large garden.

Raj had sold the bungalow

The interesting thing is that after the divorce from his first wife poem Raj bungalow £ 55 (about 54 crores today) was sold. If the rule was later met by Shilpa Shetty insisted on buying back bungalows. After purchasing the bungalow altered by the actress.