Salman Khan’s house has been covered and featured plenty of times in magazines. However, not many know how Salman’s office looks. Done up in the most posh way possible, Salman’s Being Human office looks very neat and chic. The interiors of the office have been done by popular interior designers The Ashleys.
The interior of the office gives away Salman’s love for all things plush and luxurious. Salman Khan is known for having a fleet of hot wheelers (which he seldom drives one might add). From branded watches and clothes to other things, Salman’s life is replete with fanciest of things. So how could his office not reflect his love for fancy things?
But one thing that seems missing from the décor of the office is Salman’s artwork. His house in Mumbai is decked with some of his popular paintings. However, somehow his office is devoid of any art. The posh Being Human office has Apple computers on work stations and the walls have been done up with motivational quotes.