Bigg Boss 10 returns with Salman Khan for the seventh time in a row in a few hours. Our interest levels are piqued and Salman fans are eagerly waiting for the season to start. After all, the fans will catch a glimpse of the superstar at least twice every week. While the pictures of the Bigg Boss house has already gone viral on the Internet, there’s something else that not many know of.

The Bigg Boss team always creates a private chalet for Salman where he usually rests before and after shoots. Given the long hours of shoot for the Weekend Special episodes, a vanity van isn’t enough. The chalet has been tastefully designed with everything that Salman likes. There’s a separate kitchen and a bedroom for Salman. There’s a huge living room with Salman’s life size photo in the background. A long couch too is kept in the living room where Salman and his guests relax and watch the episodes too. The chalet also has an added gym which is Salman’s favourite spot. And it has a chair and table set-up outside as well because Salman loves to enjoy his food in the garden area where a small shamiana too has been created for him.

So let us take you inside the private chalet and you can check out the pictures yourself.