Harika Dronavalli, India’s young Grand Master from Guntur, is just a step away
from winning her first Fide women’s Grand Prix chess title.Harika played an
aggressive game to earn another crucial half a point to maintain her position at
the top of the score board today. This is the tenth and penultimate round of the
tournament and she just needs a draw and a couple of other games to go her
way to claim the title.She is sitting pretty on 6.5 points, with Koneru Humpy
(India) and Stefanova Antoeneta (Bulgaria) half a point behind on joint second
with 6 points each. Incidentally, they face off against each other in the final
round, that makes Harika’s job easier. “We played the semi-Slav opening and I
equalised in the opening itself. But I made a wrong move in the middle game
and got into a bit of a tangle. I had to engineer a series of forced moves to pull
off a draw,” an excited Harika said.Harika locks wits with Olga Girya of Russia in
her final game on Thursday.