Payal is the foot wearing fashion which is most famous and favorite amongst the women around the world and the Indian women are not exceptional so here are the Indian Bridal Payal Designs in Silver 2016. Indian women like to wear it on especial events such as wedding events, engagement ceremonies and some other religious events. Indian designers and jewelers also promote this fashion. This foot wear fashion is the most elegant jewelry fashion especially amongst the bridals. Indian designers and jewelers are also making new and latest payal designs especially for bridals in 2016. The most beautiful and fabulous deigns of this foot wear (Payal) are discussed below in this article especially for you through which you can choose payal design for your own wedding event.



Silver and Golden Touch Bridal Payal Design:

This is the most beautiful as well as culturally Indian Bridal Payal Designs in Silver 2016. This payal has big border than other normal payal designs. This payal design is designed in 2016 especially for Indian bridals. This is the brand new design that you can also apply for your own wedding payal design by your jeweler.

Silver Bridal Payal Design:

This is the simple as well as cultural look payal design for Indian bridals. The payal is designed in pure silver color. The payal also has some another exclusive works on it. This payal design foots that are decorated with mehndi represents the most elegant fashion look for bridals of India.

Silver Payal With Stone Work:

This is another simple as well as beautiful Indian Bridal Payal Designs in Silver 2016 which is designed as Asian fashion style in 2016. This payal design comprises on a small and thin silver chain which has another short pieces chains and pearls or stones on it. This is modern footwear payal design.

Silver Chain Bridal Payal Design:

This payal has the most fabulous look and is the best product especially for bridals. This style is also listed in the modern payal designs. Apply this design fro your wedding payal on your wedding function. It will give you a best cultural as well as modern look on your wedding function.

Culturally Bridal Payal Design:

This payal design is belongs to the ancient culture of the Indian bridals. This type of payal is more expensive and has amazing look than all other designs of payal or foot wear. This payal has a chain which starts from the front area of the upper side of foot and ends to the second finger of the foot as the ring of that finger. This payal design also has some work on it.

Silver Bridal Payal With Work:

This is another beautiful Indian Bridal Payal Designs in Silver 2016 made by expert designers. This payal design is in pure silver color and has pear and stone work on it in different colors. This work on it adds its beauty.