J. YADAV TO BEN STOKES! OUT! WHAT A BALL! Jayant Yadav strikes and the bowling change has done the trick. Gets a lot of drift on that and lot of turn as well. He comes from around the wicket and pitches it on off, Ben Stokes stays back to keeps it out but is all squared up. Is completely beaten by the sharp turn and the ball takes the off pole. What a moment for Jayant Yadav, he’s got a real important wicket here.
OUT! JOEY ROOT IS GONE! Mohammed Shami has bowled a brilliant over here and he’s got the big fish. He fires it on a fuller length and angles it in on middle and leg, Root looks to flick it across the line but misses and is rapped low on the pads. Roaring appeals go up from the entire Indian team and the umpire raises his finger. The England No.3 knew he was gone but Jonny Bairstow told him to take the review, since it’s worth taking it. Replays show that the ball is hitting leg stump and Joe is gone. Big, big wicket for India. They need 4 more wickets to win this match.