In every country, there are some drawbacks. Many countries have tried to improve the better. India Today we tell about some social beliefs or traditions which are going backward, not quite bad. It is an insult to the country in the whole world. The country also has an impact on other areas of development. Somewhere daughter so much dowry murder of the fetus ….
Daughter killing fetus
Crimes against women are reported continuously on one side, on the other hand, in some places in the country during embryonic chicks are killed. However, over time the daughters is changing people’s thinking. But this “tradition” is not over completely. According to reports, some of the girls among educated urban families and fetus has been exposed to a case of murder. Such cases also covers the international media and the country is also criticized. Aside from making medical abortion is the killing of the fetus on the other hand, in many places, putting milk or bury alive a “custom” is also.
owner killing
Honour killings in the name of tradition is one of India’s most shocking. It is an evil like the boys and girls are forced to marry instead of killed. They kill their own family members. Those who do believe in another religion or nation to marry “their reputation in society ‘has declined. Recently many movies are made on the issue.
Centuries-standing tradition of people play with pride. The boy meets her high dowry is seen through the eyes. However, in reality it is an evil that millions of women have borne the brunt. Even today in some form of dowry in India, and is given. At times up to the killings of women in the name of dowry is given.
child marriage
Girl’s marriage age in India is 18 and boys of 21 years, despite the age of the children in many places is married. Many traditions have been so poor that childbirth was set up soon after they would marry her.
Baby Dropping
Omar Baba shrine near Sholapur in Maharashtra and Karnataka Mr Snteshwar temple plays a tradition where the child is dropped down from a height of 50 feet. These children less than 2 years of age. The crowd is standing to imprison children. It is believed that it will bring prosperity. National Commission for Protection of Child Rights is trying to close it.
These trees marry animals
Superstition in India is quite high. It is believed that in some places, if a girl is Manglik Dosha then it would be bad for the husband. So the girl’s marriage, traditionally made from trees and animals. Many times if a part of the female body is deformed is still married to the practice.