I belong to an educated family and am the only child of my parents. Though I had a fairy tale childhood, I have grown apart from my parents, especially from my mother. She’s a social butterfly, who’s busy with her kitty parties, friends and other engagements and though I appreciate her independence, I feel strange when my friends speak about how caring their mothers are because my mother is absolutely self obsessed. While I should be full of gratitude towards my mother for bringing me to this world and giving me an enviable childhood, I am rather thankless and unaffected. Am I abnormal or there’s something wrong with the relationship I share with my mother?

Attachment with your parents is not only about bringing you in this world and providing you with materialistic things. It is beyond all of this in fact,you are not abnormal,but highly disconnected with your mother which is not healthy.Parental attachment forms the basic premise for most relationships that we have in the future. The anger that we store or the grudge that we harbour is subconsciously carried forward later in our lives, leaving us anxious and emotionally upset.

I would advice that you talk to your mother about your feelings and create the missing bond. It will help both of you tremendously.This will surely take time, so please don’t give up on this.This is the relationship which stays life long.