Google’s streaming device has made more sales than Apple’s streaming device. According to a report by IHS, tables have turned for Google, who has been struggling to match sales with Apple. IHS figures put Chromecast sales at 3.2 million to the Apple TV’s 1.7 million.

Merrick Kingston, principal analyst-connected home, at IHS Technology said, “We anticipate that this reversal will persist. Since the introduction of the fourth-generation Apple TV, Apple and Google have pursued vastly different strategies.”

Apple TV, which is priced at $149 does fall under the segment’s top end. It is positioned as a premium hub that appeals to consumers of digital video, to casual gamers and to iOS users who are attracted to Apple’s user-interface.

On the other hand, Chromecast, which is priced at $35, falls under Android’s affordable devices, and reportedly offers, “a no-frills casting experience that obviates the very need for a user-interface.”

The report also added there are almost 8.1 billion connected smartphones, tablets, personal computers, TVs, TV-attached devices and audio devices.