She has had quite a successful music career as she even notched a chart-topping No. 1 single with Fancy in 2014.
But despite her already huge following, Iggy Azalea is surprised that she has some high-profile fans.
The 25-year-old rapper looked absolutely fabulous on both of her May 2016 covers for #legend magazine.

In the pages of the luxury magazine, Iggy opened up about how surprised she was to find out actress Jessica Alba is a fan of her music.
She explained that a few years ago, the 35-year-old co-founder of The Honest Company had posted one of her tracks titled P**** on her Facebook and liked it.
Iggy explained: ‘I was definitely surprised because I think of Jessica Alba as somebody regal and graceful, and that was such a crass, ridiculous song.

‘I suppose I just didn’t think someone so graceful would appreciate something so crass. But that’s cool.’
No doubt the blonde beauty will gain even more fans just because of how great she looks on the twin covers of #legend.
In one, the Aussie stunner could be seen seductively laying across a diving board as she wore a black bikini including intricate top and high-waisted bottoms along with strappy high heels.
On the other cover, Iggy could be seen showing off her curvaceous figure in a clinging shiny dark silver dress featuring an asymmetrical hemline which showed off one of her legs from the hip down.

In both photos, she had her signature platinum blonde locks slicked back for a high-fashion look as she sported natural, complimentary make-up on her face topped off with a swipe of shiny pink lip.
One of the more interesting things about her feature in the magazine is she talked about being transparent despite the constant questions about her personal life.
Iggy explained: ‘I can’t imagine someone talking to me and I just say, “no comment”.
That makes for such a boring person and I would never aspire to being a boring person or regret being a ridiculous one.’