To please his wife what people do not. But someone else did for his wife, so he will not have any. The man gave his wife prepare the food of an entire year, until the year had to make him not eat. Why did this man know so because you will be hooked. Zhao Mai worked as a teacher in China, the world’s most fortunate to have a wife. It’s because of her husband who is probably the world could be a husband. Zhao’s husband troops. Yin Yunfeng 27 years in the military due to his wife barely met only once a year. While at home, he saw his wife leaving little time to cook for themselves. Yin before going back into the army decided to make dinner for his wife. Wife to school after more than 1,000 Dmplings yin, noodle soup and 150 liters a year, which made food that could be kept in the fridge. These are all the things to eat yin choice of keeping his wife had made. The entrees all of his wife’s choice to put in every corner of the house. He then began to eat when hungry, not persecuted him worry.