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Have you heard any AC woman who divorced her husband for the sake of a pet for? If you have not heard of such a woman to tell a 52-year resident of Australia wiki Loving, who named Johnny divorced her husband for the sake of the crocodile. The last 13 years living with Johnny Hankmgrmchc husband jealous of, given the divorce …
Wiki says that my husband would like to think that I had time to Johnny than them. For this reason they were burning me. However, I really loved Johnny. I had spent too much time with her husband. He was like my baby and was completely depend on me. So I could not leave him alone.
However, he also said that the wiki tried to save my marriage, but it could not. Actually, I had to choose one of her husband and the crocodile. My ex husband can cook yourself without me, but they could not make the crocodile. So, I decided to divorce her husband.