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Africa Kglagdi Tronsfrontiar deer hunting in the park made by a hungry lion. Indeed, the deer thirsting for water, coming near the hole, where the lion was already present. Photos of the event captured by amateur photographers of Howard and Marryane burgers. Said the photographer …
74-year-old photographer Burger said we park near Polntswa Watrhol day just sat there in the hope that some wild animals can capture photos. We saw quite late there is a sleeping lion, too. Maybe he was hungry and was sitting near the victim Watrhol. Meanwhile, a deer comes near the water hole appeared. The lion began to try to attack him.
The photographer sees the deer was alert lion. As the eye of the tiger lying in the deer, he ran, but was attacked by lions and the race took him hunting. Burger photographer said I did not want any photography sleeping lion. I drink water the animals wanted captured. Meanwhile, the incident took place.