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In the Philippines, about 500 women breast-fed their children had lived on the streets and slogans like Breast Is Best. These women intend to promote breast feeding was associated health benefits. This event is not Hkab! Joy had been named in 2016, I made 3 years Breastfeeding …
This event has been celebrated since the last 4 years. The rally saw many posters on which was written, Nation Building Is Best Is Best or breast feeding. The event was organized by an NGO. Breast feeding women were involved with the sea was quite proud. In the hands of a woman wrote on the poster of the new generation of mother Breastfeeding is love.
One mother said she is delighted that her daughter was 3 years old is Breastfeeding. Let me tell you that the rights associated with Breastfeeding women in the Philippines. Or he may just as Pblis Brestfeed the course of their work may take a break for it.