The Middlesex District Attorney’s office said human remains found in Everett appear to be female and the cause of death is suspicious. A worker at the National Grid property found a skull late Thursday morning.

“I don’t know if it was fully exposed or if he moved something and it became visible,” said Middlesex D.A. Marian Ryan.

She called the death suspicious for a couple of reasons: “the location some of the circumstances surrounding the initial discovery.”

Ryan is not yet saying what those circumstances are. Police brought in cadaver dogs and the state’s forensic anthropologist went to work. Investigators spent the afternoon and evening digging and sifting dirt.

The remains were in an area on the National Grid property off Rover Street where dirt is brought in, processed and taken out.

Investigators believe the body did not come from another location and had laid there hidden for one or several years.

Mayra Ventura lives in one of the few nearby homes to the heavy industrial section of Everett. “It definitely worries me. I have a baby. I don’t want anything to happen,” said Ventura. “A lot of trucks go by, it’s a busy area. A lot of people don’t realize a lot of stuff.”

The D.A. said there were personal items around the remains. “There are some items. There are some pieces of information there. We don’t know what their value is, if they’re connected, as you can imagine we are going through a pile of dirt,” said Ryan.

The Medical Examiner will examine the remains and will have more details in the next several days.