The Transport Safety Board and CP Rail are investigating after a trail derailed in the city’s southeast Saturday. Just before 9:30 a.m, two locomotives and three railcars left the tracks when a moving train hit a parked train in the Aylith rail yard, Canadian Pacific railway spokesman Jeremy Berry said in a statement.

Berry said in a statement that CP’s preliminary investigation indicates human error was the cause. The Transport Safety Board confirmed they are also investigating the incident.

“There were no injuries to the crew, no dangerous goods and no public safety concerns,” Berry said.

“All appropriate emergency notifications were made in a timely manner. There were no signalling, track or mechanical issues.”

In 2013, seven tankers hauling flammable liquids also derailed in the Alyth rail yard. In a report following up the 2013 incident, the TSB said there were no injuries and no product loss, but 600 feet of track was destroyed.