Huma Qureshi is more of a chameleon in our view as she changes her looks from a sweet child-like to a matured, sophisticated one, almost instantly. We also find her playing a sensuous, wild fashion card once a while.

Although we are thoroughly confounded by her styles, we can’t stop admiring the woman for her grace and confidence.

Recently at Anand L. Rai’s birthday bash, Huma dressed up beautifully in a Michael Costello deep onion pink outfit. She exhibited her perfectly chiseled collar bones that made her look even more attractive and alluring.We wonder why the actress draped her sensuous skin with a bolero sleeve addition. Reason be whatsoever, she looked enticing in the maxi style with the neat pleats and flare.Huma chose basic makeup for the party. She contoured her features well, added a pink blush and smiled blissfully in pink. With her hair pinned tight and high, she closed the look looking charming as always.