Chinese smartphone maker Huawei is reportedly working to add new features to its EMUI custom Android interface. Not just that,Huawei is also planning on bringing a visual overhaul to EMUI.

The new Android OS interface is expected to sport features that are found on other Android smartphones as well, but with Huawei’s own touch, as reported by The Information website. Huawei’s EMUI has been called a cheap knock-off of Apple’s iOS. The upcoming EMUI skin is said to be more familiar for users in western countries like the US. The project is being spearheaded by Abigail Brody, who was formerly a designer at Apple.

The next version of Huawei’s EMUI (Emotion User Interface), which is supposed to launch in September this year, is expected to feature fewer iOS-like functions. A preview of the EMUI version showed by Brody included an app drawer, something which has been missing in Huawei smartphones until now.
Brody said that the company aims to correct EMUI’s ‘glaring cosmetic issues’ and ‘pain points’ that users in western regions are currently facing. She added that Huawei smartphones sold outside China should have different “default settings”.

As for the iOS-like icons, Brody says that she made her team closely study Google’s material design guidelines. We might also see ‘very clean, fresh’ set of whites, blues and other vibrant colours.