Beijing: China in the construction sector in the world, has demonstrated. One such project is going to be ready by next year. Shanghai Songajiang 100 meters below ground between the hills to become luxury hotel
Songajiang tourist spots. Natural waterfalls, hills and greenery. 19-storey hotel will have 383 rooms. Shimao Chinese builders are developing it. It is designed by British design firm Atkins. Located between the mountains due to what is being said in the cave. The builders are hoping that it will be completed by next year. . About 70 percent of the work is completed. The past six years under construction.
Salient features of the hotel …
-3 238 crore is being built hotels.
-ise Special care has been taken in making the environment.
Geothermal energy and solar energy will run your hotel.
-iski Large part of the roof and thousands of trees will be planted in the grass.
-iske 2nd floor will be in the water. The Aquarium, restaurants and guest rooms for nobles would.
-The Swimming pool, sports center, several restaurants and business meeting rooms are also being built.