You have many kinds of luxurious hotels in the country and abroad will be visited. But someone will ask which country do you want to sleep in. Yes hotel Fransko Arbej Susie is up here, asking the customers. The hotel on the border of France and Switzerland continues. In addition, both countries have an equal share. So here is the question of the customer. This hotel is …
All points of the hotel are divided into two parts. In addition, if the guest’s head in France foot in Switzerland. The dining room is divided into two countries border. Washroom in Switzerland and France are in most rooms. There is a glimpse of the culture of both countries.
These hotels make such
Confederasn border dispute between France and Switzerland in 1862 and the agreement was ended. La Cure village was divided into two countries. Then there’s a business man at this historical and unique place came the idea of starting a business. She started the store Gosri. In 1921 the name of the person they land Ponths started Krikr hotel.