Sunny Leone, has braced the cover page of FHM India for the May, 2016 issue and the One Night Stand actress, has raised temperatures to a whole new level with her killer looks and sexy avatar all going hand in hand.

Sunny Leone, is seen sporting a black outfit and brandishing a sword on the cover page of FHM India, May 2016 issue. The actress, has dyed her hair blonde and looks like an aggressive Ninja who is on the lookout for her enemies.

The introduction to Sunny Leone on the cover page of FHM Magazine is “Smashing the formula Sunny Leone” and is splashed with red and black colour wordings. Sunny Leone’s bright red lipstick grabs all the attention in an instant, and her eyes are brimming with a lot of aggression like a warrior who is about to launch a brutal kick! Sunny Leone, has absolutely killed it on the cover page of FHM India, May 2016 issue.

Daniel Weber, has also joined his wife Sunny Leone for the photoshoot of FHM India, and the couple is seen posing for the cameras together sporting a white Karate uniform. Sunny Leone, is seen wearing a Karate black belt as well. Apart from FHM Magazine, Sunny Leone has also braced the cover pages of top magazines such as Maxim, Women’s Era, Filmfare, Cine Blitz, India Today, Perfect Woman, Mandate, Fusion Life, Man, Performance Auto and Sound.

Sunny Leone’s upcoming flick, One Night Stand, is all set to hit the theatres on May 6, 2016. One Night Stand is directed by Jasmine D’souza and Sunny Leone, is busy promoting the film at several television shows and shopping mall events.