Susan E. Coffey. She was born in the Chinese year of the Horse, February 13, 1990. Historical records provide scant information, but it’s believed she was born in Metuchen, New Jersey, still her current place of residence.
Though few written records exist of her early childhood, oral traditions passed down through the years indicate that Susan’s extraordinary, superhuman beauty manifested itself almost from birth. Kings and Queens descended upon the sleepy Metuchen bearing gifts and prophesying in her presence about her future influence over all mankind. As a young girl, nary a man, woman, or child passed her by without being cured of having a bad day.

As she grew into early adulthood and while attending high school at Metuchen High, she began to understand better her precious gift and how she was destined to use it for the betterment of our race. Through the support and influence of those around her (some say through their worship) she adopted the mission of presenting her corporeal existence to the world for the purpose of fostering peace among nations, deepening our understanding of artistic expression, and producing many boners .
hus was born the career of the ultimate model. Since that time she has given her spirit to the cameras of such photographers as Sito Alvina, InsuhBrandon Herman, and many others. She has also modeled for several retailers, including Between the Sheets Lingerie, Dirty Addiction, and Heretic City.Miss Coffey currently attends Rutgers University, with a Communication major and Psychology minor.