Hot Pics: Falguni Rajani Aka Gulfam Kali Of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai



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“Babiji are at home in the wine-law these days (Shubhangi Atre) and sister Anita (Soumya Tandon), in addition to the other lady is getting popular. We are talking here of gulfam bud, which would show a Kotewali. This role is played by actress Falguni Rajani. Few people are aware that after Falguni Falguni MBA joined the theater. Falguni said in an interview that was the only girl in my family are going to be a heroine. The debut in 2005 …
According to Falguni, was his acting debut in 2005. They Gujarati film Guzzubai ‘appeared in. Acted in a couple of Marathi films. The TV show have come from afar, “which appeared in the role of Aunt Ella. However, identifying them ‘Babiji are at home “after work started to receive. “Babiji … ‘to see the audience, along with the tongue-in-law on wine and Anita name gulfam bud is coming.
Mumbai’s own home
Mumbai-born Falguni rely on hard work. Some time ago, he bought a house in Kandivali. Their lives in Mumbai with her mother and sister. Falguni says that they are keen to make their mark in the movies and soon to be seen in a major film in Bollywood. By the way, to live the glamorous photo shoot gives Falguni Limelight lives. Such a photoshoot surfaced last year, which reflected the slides you can see …

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