While Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone have gone to the US and bagged films, with Nargis Fakhri the case is quite the opposite. This New Yorker came here
to act. Then she bagged a Paul Feig film — Spy. After that, there has been nothing for over a year now.

Says Nargis, “My Hollywood career happened by accident. Like Rockstar just happened to me. I have been lucky to get such great breaks. I get a film (Spy) with one
of the best directors in Hollywood and lovely character to start off with, it was a blockbuster summer hit. Who could ask for anything better? For Spy, Paul told me
it was a small role and I was busy, but I was like ‘Hello, you are Paul Fieg and duhhh! I would be honoured to work with you’.

Paul’s very shy, so he laughed. Then I did it. I am happy.”

She continues, “I would like to pursue my Hollywood career further. I have got some offers for audition opportunities but unfortunately, there were four Bollywood
films to complete at that time. I don’t know let’s see… Maybe when Banjo comes out, I will take time out and go back home and then maybe do some auditions. I
don’t want to leave Bollywood forever as I enjoy it too much but if I can do half-and-half, it would be a blessing. I think you just have to have patience and passion
for the right opportunity to come to you because it takes a long time in any career.”