Your winning strategy is one of pacific resistance rather than dynamic offensive. Practical details and family conflicts can be resolved with a little personal effort. It’s a good idea to spend time with loved ones that you have been ignoring for some time. Lucky number 4. Colour orange.


You have great energy to achieve success in any project that you take on, be it personal or to do with business. Love and romance enhance and rejuvenate a personal relationship. You are blessed with good health and are able to indulge in sporty pastimes. Lucky number 14. Colour crimson.


A day of pleasure, happiness and harmony can be expected. Short term assignments might be gainful for you. Personal relationships bring joy and light in your life. Don’t forget about lasting commitments while you are dealing with short term situations. Lucky number 6. Colour saffron.

You have great wisdom in managing practical aspects and financial matters today. Let your morality come out of awareness rather than out of conditioning. As you break through old patterns of behaving you have a new vision to see life as it really is. Lucky number 14. Colour turquoise.


You can expect support when you need it, from people who matter. Business commitments and personal promises are honored. You realize that stability is achieved through change. It’s time to stop being a workaholic and take a much needed break with the family. Lucky number 9. Colour indigo.


You tend to be heavy and preoccupied with material aspects but need to enthuse some excitement in relationships and friendship. You can safely trust your instincts and intuitively move into opportunities and associations. Remain in a light and playful mood. Lucky number 13. Colour brown.

Personal relationships are loving and precious. Professional and business ventures are successful and lucrative. Spiritual pursuit and meditation allow you some elevating experiences. A positive approach to a negative issue brings resolution and compromise. Lucky number 3. Colour red.

A progressive professional change is on the cards! Good health and energy enable you to cope with multifarious activity and busy schedules. Success in a current venture brings you material gain and professional stability. A Cancerian is moody but caring. Lucky number 7. Colour blue.

Happenings and changes can throw you to begin with but prove to be gainful in the long run. Endings and beginnings are on the cards and they should be taken in your stride. A higher perspective is needed to understand certain mystical aspects of life. Lucky number 16. Colour reds.


Two separate issues may involve your time as you make choices and find direction. An honest look at situations and relationships brings you to a point of clarity and to the end of delusion. You may need to handle two aspects and situations simultaneously! Lucky number 10. Colour lemon.


Unexpected happenings and happy surprises liven up activities and routines today. Personal relationships flower into commitments. You prove your mettle in sports or other areas of interest. Problems or handicaps are overcome and your self-esteem is restored. Lucky number 10. Colour blue.


You are confident, intense and individualistic in professional matters taking many pending decisions clearly. Beware of superficial attractions as you can be deluded easily. Personal relationships are special and you need not compare them with others. Lucky number 17. Colour turquoise.